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Technology procurement has always provided challenges. Our Procurement Team provides the technical, financial and management skills necessary to make sure your technology purchasing request is a success. The easiest task for our Procurement team is to order and manage the logistics of a specific part number. However, technology changes so rapidly, part number are constantly being replaced by newer parts, software licensing rules constantly change, and the support contract required are in a constant flux. InfraNet Solutions provides procurement and logistic services internationally. Our Procurement Team can manage the most complex Request For Purchase and deliver to some of the most difficult areas in the world.

Managing the purchasing and

With all of the products that are available today, how is it possible to know which product will fit your technological needs? That's where our Technical Team and our Procurement Team meld. Each member of the Technical Team knows the pros and cons of the products that we will purchase on your behalf. After a member of our Technical Team listens to how you run your business, they come back to work with one another to devise the best possible solution for your operation. By having team members with a wide variety of specialties- each one brings their own unique perspective to every situation. Once a decision as been reached, they relay the information to our Procurement Associate and he expertly liaisons with partners and vendors to finalize your purchase.

Our Technical Team saves you the hassle of having to research different products, while our Procurement Associate efficiently keeps track of your equipment from the time we send you the quote, until your equipment arrives either on your site or in our office. This is an in depth and time consuming process which includes purchase planning, standards determination, specifications development, vendor research and selection, value analysis, financing, price negotiation, supplying contract administration, tracking renewals and much more. Our Procurement Associate is an integral part in each client's strategy because the ability to purchase the correct materials each and every time determines whether their operations continue. No business can survive if it's price of procurement is more than the profit it makes from the item being purchased. Our Procurement Team will ensure your business will have the equipment it needs within the timeframe demanded.


InfraNet Solutions' greatest asset is our team. We create an environment to encourage individual growth. We expect a strong work ethic, positive energy with a high emphasis on teamwork.

Each day our team members make a difference with the clients they serve and people they work with. If you are a passionate professional with dedication to client service excellence, we want to hear from you!