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Outsourced IT

InfraNet Solutions has a suite of strategic solutions for improved, effective and efficient IT operations. Our team members are always available to provide critical Information Technology Services. Many Small Businesses rely on us to be their IT Department. Small IT Departments use our services for projects, to cover sick and vacation days or to provide additional staffing during critical or busy times of the year. We are flexible in provide our core services to clients.


Our Helpdesk Team is responsible for issues related to desktops, laptops, and peripherals, such as personal digital assistants. Our Helpdesk team is also responsible for the setup, configuration and repair of computers and software. At InfraNet Solutions, we do not stop there. We work hard to cross train our Helpdesk staff to learn the responsibilities of our network, administration and server teams.

Network Administration

Our Network Administration team is responsible for the maintenance and administration of servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, IP Phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches as well as a vast array of additional technologies inclusive of both hardware and software.


Network Infrastructure can be complex and delicate in many environments. Our Engineering Team is responsible, when a new system is installed or modified, to ensure that it interacts harmoniously amongst everything else in the infrastructure. This includes but is not limited to servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, wireless, firewalls, phones, IP Phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, surveillance, software and hosted services.

Security Services

Whether you are an individual, Small Business, the government, or work for a fortune 100 company, security is a primary concern. There is not a day that goes by without a story in the news concerning data security breaches. Not only do organizations need to be concerned about data breaches from the internet, but also protection from all users allowed to connect to your network. Our Security Services assists our clients to write an acceptable use policy for how employees or to handle data. Once we have an understanding of your data use, we implement, monitor and maintain security policy to protect your organization. Organizations need to implement security safeguards, but most importantly, user training must provide to reduce the chance of human error.

Consulting Services

Providing our clients the education required to make an intelligent decision is what we enjoy most at InfraNet Solutions. Did you ever move to a new location and the services required were not ready when you got there? Have you ever purchased a building and not realized how much the renovation cost to get the network up and running would be? Have you been using software that you have been disappointed with a long time? Do you constantly struggle with your computer systems? Have you reviewed your service agreements annually to determine if you are paying based upon current rates? These are just a few of thousands of issues we have solved for our clients over the years. We want our clients to make an informed decision before it is too late or adds to the cost of a project.

Project Management Services

InfraNet Solutions, Inc. prides itself on its ability to manage difficult projects. Our goal is to complete a successful project on time and on budget while keeping harmony between all the required vendors. Our Project Management Team has international experience managing large projects. From large construction and move projects, to network infrastructure installation, to cloud migrations, our team will ensure the successful competition of any IT project.

CIO Services

InfraNet Solutions, Inc. believes in accountability. CIO services leverages all our services to determine the bottom line. We evaluate all the products, services and staff required to run Information Technology for your organization to make sure you have made the right choices. We analyze projects for return on investment and we project budget requirements to run IT.