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Hosted Solutions

Our Hosted Applications and Infrastructure team provides analysis for your business critical applications and infrastructure. There are many strategic reasons for moving traditionally based on premise applications to the cloud. Our team has successfully migrated many of our client applications to the hosted services to avoid the capital expense of servers, security, power, disaster recovery and all the required services to maintain a network infrastructure. Our Consultants will help you transition business critical applications and infrastructure to a cost centric, security focused, and flexible hosted environment.

Hosted Solutions we provide to our clients but not limited to include:

Micosoft Office 365

Business-class email and calendaring put you in sync

Avoid communication glitches. Business-class email and shared calendars that you can get to from virtually anywhere means people stay in sync, and on schedule.

Work together with online file storage and sharing

Office 365 makes it easy to more securely share files with co-workers, clients, and partners. Work together on documents that are always current and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Online conferencing brings everyone together

With online conferencing, distance really isn't an issue. Need to get everyone together? Host an online meeting complete with real-time note taking and screen sharing.

One familiar experience, even on the go

Mobile apps let you view and edit your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and more on your mobile device. And when you get back to your desk, there they are—content and formatting intact.

Create Office documents from any browser

With Office Online, use touch-friendly applications to create, edit, and share your Office files from any browser. You can even share and work on docs at the same time as others and avoid versioning hassles later.

Security, compliance, and privacy you can trust

Security, compliance, and privacy in the cloud? Yes. And we're continually making improvements in Office 365 to earn, and maintain, your trust.

Google Apps

Take Gmail to work

Gmail’s spam protection, powerful search and integrated calendars help you get more done. Enhanced business features include 99.9% guaranteed uptime, no ads and 30GB of storage.

Store and share in the cloud

Save work files in Drive, access them from any device and share them instantly with teammates. No more sending attachments or merging different versions.

Meet face to face with anyone

Hold HD video meetings through Hangouts with up to 15 people on your laptop, tablet or phone. You can share your screen, give presentations and chat as you work.

Calendar, Docs and more

Colocation Center

InfraNet Solutions partners with many Colocation centers. We choose Colocation Centers based on convenient locations for our clients and/or to meet special requirements. A colocation center is a data center where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to retail clients. Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other firms and connect them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers — with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is the outsourced provisioning of servers, storage, hardware, and networking components. Clients who require network infrastructure to support operations, can pay for these resources in the cloud rather than purchasing the hardware themselves. Amazon has been one of the leaders in IaaS services and one of many providers InfraNet Solutions, Inc. have used to support our clients.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription bases and is hosted. SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications. QuickBooks, SalesForce and many other SaaS products are commonly being used by many InfraNet Solutions, Inc. clients.