People, Information, Technology.


Since 1998, InfraNet Solutions has been a trusted technology advisor and provider of cutting edge managed technology solutions. Our approach is to see the technology you are using, hear about your successes and challenges, and then provide an innovative solution.

We provide strategic counsel to our clients and focus on long-term solutions that bridge people, information and technology. Our goal is to ensure our clients' technology strategy empowers the fulfillment of long-term business objectives. As the needs of our clients have grown more complex, we have expanded beyond our team's consulting foundation to develop deep expertise in managed services, project management and strategic planning.


InfraNet Solutions is committed to your continued growth and success. As trusted advisors, our team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions backed by service excellence.

"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said." - Peter F. Drucker


Our clients rely on InfraNet Solutions, Inc. to anticipate
long-term business objectives,
develop IT budgets, provide education and user support, maintain existing technology and engineer their technology future.